We will wear traditional costumes and make pictures with musical instruments and beautiful views.

We are going to visit a real trembitar, who will meet us at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level near his picturesque wooden hut, and play the trembita!
Trembitar Ilyuk Nicholas has also invited us to visit his hut-museum, where the ancient life of the Hutsuls is restored: Hutsul clothes and Hutsul musical instruments.
After the excursion, tea with pampushki is waiting for us in the Trembitar's house! You will have the chance to take cool pictures, while wearing a beautiful national Hutsul dress with a trembita in your hands :)

Father Ivan Rybaruk will tell us about his progressive views about Ukrainian church, politics and Rock'n'Roll.

Father Ivan

After tea with pampushkas and free time in Verkhovyna, we will go to the church of Kryvorivna. Actually, the most precious treasure of this 300-year old church is its priest, Father Ivan Rybaruk, a person with very progressive views! He freely discusses the question of the lustration of the church, and also how it relates to government, police, prosecutors, etc. Father Rybaruk listens to Rock'n Roll music, writes philosophical books, and even has his own blog!
We will try the main traditional dishes for the Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve
During the evening of January 6th, that is, on Christmas Eve, the locals will prepare the traditional Holy dinner to be served at the big table.
The menu of the Holy Dinner is a pairing of traditional songs and authentic dishes from Hutsul cuisine. Also, we plan to make this an evening of traditions and ceremonies, where we learn a lot of interesting things about Hutsul Ukrainian traditions and beliefs associated with Christmas. We ourselves will also entertain some of the protective rituals!
Traditional songs and ceremonies in front of the church

In order to feel the atmosphere of the holiday to its fullest, at 12 o'clock we will go to the church. All "kolyadniki" meet here before walking the streets of the village with felicitations. Once the local priest (Father Ivan Rybaruk) blesses each kolyadnik, they will all form a circle around the cross and sing their first kolyadka (carol song). Then the separate singing groups will walk around the church and go kolyadovat (caroling) from family-to-family.
Wonderful views of the winter Carpathians

Polonina (the valley)
Until present times, there has been an old-fashioned way of cheese-making in the mountains:). Many tourists are surprised that life in the mountains today is the same as it was several centuries ago, in unity and harmony with forces of nature.
Polonina Egrets ( the valley Egrets), which we are going to visit, is the only mountain valley where people live year-round! Also there is an active Hutsul hut, which in the lowlands can only be seen in museums! The house was built by the grandfather of the current owner in 1925.
Only in this valley can you taste some very unique types of cheese, and eat genuine Banosh cooked with special sour cream.

Traditional dances - the best way of having fun during the cold winter days

Vechornytsi (Vespers)

During one of the festive evenings we will have a real Hutsul evening party! Program: re-enact a scene in the house with a girl of marrying age, Hutsul Spivanochky, Kolomyiky songs about the Carpathians, and dancing, dancing, dancing to lively Hutsul music. For the most active and energetic, there will be master classes on Hutsul dances: gutsulka, sieve, dove.
Go shopping, visit a brewery or have fun on the hill with other participants - you decide.
On the last day of our stay we have planned a fun ride! ) In the village of Iltsi, near Verkhovyna, there is a small boom lift, where we will be able to spend a day of relaxation rolling on a flat slope on skis, sleighs, or even on the pockets)). The slope is designed for beginners, skiing for a day will cost about 70 UAH, and one trip up the ski lift is 15 UAH. You can also rent sleds - 30 UAH per day. On our last trip there these were the most popular!)

Recently, tourists are more and more attracted to another object of curiosity that is near Verkhovyna. Namely, a local brewery! )
Here the Hutsuls brew different kinds of their freshest beer!
During our trip we will definitely visit the brewery and have the opportunity to buy some beer for ourselves or as souvenirs for friends! )
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