LECAMP 2017 tips
Travel from Poland to Ukraine
Are you traveling this summer from Poland to Ukraine? Check our travel tips, find the best option for you and have a good trip!
The Germans have already booked their flights following our previous article and now it is time for our Polish participants to hurry up. If you want to come to our Language Exchange Camp this summer
from Poland but haven't got your tickets yes, this article is for you.
We have summed up the easiest, cheapest and fastest routes that will bring you to creative language learning in Carpathians in July and August!
#1: Flights

Flight is by far the quickest way to get to Lviv. It only takes one hour – you literally won't even notice it. There is a direct LOT Polish Airlines flight from Warsaw to Lviv that you might want to hop on. They fly back and forth three times a day.
_______________ July ____________________________
Warsaw – Lviv – Warsaw from 115 Euro
*Dates: 16.07 - 28.07
Link: www.skyscanner.de
Warsaw – Lviv – Warsaw from 97 Euro
*Dates: 6.08 - 18.08
Link: www.skyscanner.de

#2: Bus

It you want to save some money and do not mind long rides, bus can be an option for you. Polski Bus is definitely one of the cheapest bus operators in Europe. It will take you approximately nine hours to get from Warsaw to Lviv by bus. In the meanwhile you can enjoy the view or just sleep it through.
_________________ July_____________________
Warsaw – Lviv – Warsaw 23 Euro (8:40h)
Krakow – Lviv – Krakow 33 Euro (5:30h)
Lublin – Lviv – Lublin 24 Euro (4:45h)
*Dates: 16.07 - 28.07
Link: www.goeuro.com
_________________August _________________
Warsaw – Lviv – Warsaw 23 Euro (8:40h)
Krakow – Lviv – Krakow 33 Euro (5:30h)
Lublin – Lviv – Lublin 24 Euro (4:45h)
#3: Bla-Bla-Car

If bus is to slow for you and you enjoy sharing your trip with companions – go for Bla-Bla-Car.
In this mean of transport you do not only share the costs of fuel but life stories, laughs and good mood. The prices are entirely up to the drivers. So the best time to book a Bla-Bla-Car is about a week in advance, when most of the drives are on the site.
It takes about six hours to drive from Warsaw to Lviv, depending on the road situation.

#4: Hitchhiking

Want to be even more adventurous? Then you can always just go out on the road and put your tomb up. Hitchhiking can be real fun, if you are prepared to meet all sort of people, maybe make some unnecessary curves or spend couple of hours waiting for the next ride. Be sure to plan enough time for your way and take a friend with you. Hitchhiking alone is a dangerous enterprise. Ah, yes, and don't forget a sign with "Lviv" on it!

P.S. Some of our LECamp participants are really going to hitchhike from Poland to Lviv. If you wanna join them - contact us so we can introduce you to each other.

Feel free to combine these means of transportation or search for your own alternative routes. See you soon in Lviv!

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