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Learning languages without getting bored
The most effective ways to learn a language fast, naturally and with pleasure. It works - we proved.
There's a certain,positive statement about education in our modern world: education is getting more accessible and it's changing.
Learning languages is getting also more and more progressive: Skype-lessons, computer games, YouTube vlogs, mobile apps.
Based on our own experience not all of the new trends really help you to learn a new language. But one thing is clear - the era of classrooms, learning long texts by heart or just 1-hour-teacher-lectures will become the past.
So the founder of Language Exchange Camp decided to share with you their language learning experiences.
And it's not about new technologies, but about what works in real life.

There is no better way to learn a language than in the country of the language.
That's simple. If you learned English - you can believe us - on the border control of the USA you will remember all your active and passive vocabulary and that London is the capital of Great Britain.
At the same way if you know one of the Slavic languages - you will probably survive everywhere - no matter if you are exploring Croatia, Belarus or Bulgaria. Just because you can easily order food and beer.

Life communication
Yes, sometimes it's hard: it'll make you sweat, dopes you with adrenalin or makes you feel like a mentally slow person. Just because sometimes you need more time to express yourself and find a right word.
But that's ok :)
Everyone who learns a foreign language knows this feeling.
To overcome the struggle you should try to use every chance: go to the market by yourself, to get lost in the city, finally to find a language tandem, which is a very good way not just to learn something, but also to make new friends.

Challenge at the Market in Ukraine: Buy products for a cooking evening.
LECamp 2016
There is no good language learning without fun, play some games, take part in a competition, organize a quest in the foreign town or have a language speed dating. Having fun is the best way to learn something. No matter how old are you.

Time to sing and to watch movies
Who doesn't know the famous phrase of Arnold Schwarzenegger ‚ÄěHasta la vista, baby?". Everyone knows. Even those who don't speak English and Spanish. The same thing is true about songs, TV series, movies of any kind - it's just more fun as reading artificial dialogues in a workbook. So why not to sing karaoke with your class or to watch an episode of Game of Thrones in English and then discuss it with the group?
Terminator 2 - Hasta La Vista Baby
Make it casual
Actually we mean to say - make friends first of all. Besides learning about different cultures and their special characteristics, your language skills will drastically improve without having to think about it. We recommend Couchsurfers' hangouts, language exchange groups on Facebook, Erasmus parties, European volunteer services meetings and so on.

Putting words into action
This summer, we organize the Language Exchange Camp 2017 in Ukraine. People are coming from all over the world to practice their skills and enjoy their holidays. And if you want to join: There are still places available in July and August. Details can be found here and here.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Enjoy learning new languages!

*All suggestions are based on real experiences and observations. No polyglot was harmed during the writing this article.

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