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Travel from Germany to Ukraine
If you still don't know how to travel from Germany to Ukraine this summer - check our tips for you.
The summer is coming and our Language Exchange Camp in the Carpathians get more and more participants from different countries. That's really great!
So, now we want to help you with your journey to Ukraine.
In this article we collected the best, the cheapest and the fastest travel options from Germany to Ukraine (July-August). And soon we will write about travel from Poland, Italy and other countries.
So check the news and let´s start with Travel from Germany to Ukraine.
#1. Flights
As you probably know, this summer starts the free-visa time for Ukrainians, so they can travel free to EU. Many airlines want to follow the trend and start to provide low budget flights and cheap tickets from/to Ukraine.
BUT first in September.
Still there are some good flights from Germany to Ukraine this summer.

München-Lviv - München__________142Euro
Düsseldorf - Lviv - Düsseldorf_____ 178 Euro
Belrin - Lviv - Berlin________________ 180 Euro
Hamburg - Lviv - Hamburg________ 201 Euro

*Dates: 16.07 - 28.07
Link: https://www.kayak.de/flights
München - Lviv - München________142 Euro
Düsseldorf - Lviv - Düsseldorf_____178 Euro
Hamburg - Lviv - Hamburg________201 Euro
Berlin - Lviv - Berlin________________219 Euro

*Dates: 6.08 - 18.08
Link: https://www.kayak.de/flights

#2: Bus
To take a bus to Lviv can be a nice option. It takes more than 12 hours to get to Ukraine from, for example, Berlin, but it's not as difficult as you could imagine. The main thing - you don't mind watching non-stop romantic movies and you don't care if people around you eat their food during the trip.
By the way - be ready - Ukrainians like to share their food with bus neighbors. That's how they make new friends;)
So the prices for bus trips are:

16.07 >> Berlin - Lviv
The cheapest: 30,30 Euro (15h30)
The fastest: 70,00 Euro (14h15)

28.07<< Lviv - Berlin
The cheapest: 16,70 Euro (19h25)
The fastest: 30,24 Euro (15h50)

* Example: Berlin - Lviv - Berlin
*Dates: 16.07-28.07
Link: https://www.busliniensuche.de
6.08 >> Berlin - Lviv
The cheapest: 26,48 Euro (15h55)
The fastest: 70,00 Euro (14h15)

18.08 << Lviv - Berlin
The cheapest: 27,84 Euro (19h25)
The fastest: 31,17 Euro (17h50)

* Example: Berlin - Lviv - Berlin
*Dates: 6.08-18.08
Link: https://www.busliniensuche.de
So you see, you can get tickets for 47 Euro (the cheapest variant) or for 100,34 Euro (the fastest). We have to say, the fastest variant is not really faster;) So just choose a middle variant in this case - 60,54 euro.

Travel time
The travel time from Berlin to Lviv (direct bus) is 12 hours. So everything you find for more time - it's for sure time with a stop in Warsaw, Krakaw or other city in Poland. Also if you find buses for 19 hours (but there is no bus change, so looks like a direct bus) - it's also a bus, that makes stops in several cities in Poland, so for your ticket you get also a free Poland Bus Tour;)

Berlin is just an example, but it's one of the cheapest variants how to get to Lviv. You can also check the variants from your own city on the website. Or go to Berlin first and then take a bus to Lviv.
#3: BlaBla car
If you check the same website https://www.busliniensuche.de you can also find some really nice options of BlaBla car and they are even more cheaper then to take a bus.

Dresden - Lviv: 11 Euro
Berlin - Lviv: 19 Euro
München - Lviv: 24 Euro

Lviv - Berlin: 11 Euro
Lviv - Leipzig: 24 Euro
Lviv - Bremen: 27 Euro

Yes, probably, you will do not have a stop in every city in Poland, so you can hope to have direct drive to Lviv.

From our experience - sometimes it can come to unpredictable situations at the border: someone forgot to take a child travel passport, or the visa expired just 2 hours before, or there are no documents for the motorcycle so the owner can not prove that it's his property. You know - it can happen. In this case you can spend many hours at the border, waiting for your travel colleges. So it's up to you if you want to temp your luck using this option. Or probably you are a very positive and easy going person, so you can continue your way, using:

#4: Hitchhiking
That's a nice option, if you are not in a hurry and want to make new friends or at least meet different people. It's very good to have at least one friend with you while traveling. Hitchhiking is a way to collect unforgettable stories and travel experience. But, please, don't forget about your safety.

For some hitchhiking tips you can contact our Ukrainian coordinator Anastasia Chaban.
She was hitchhiking in Europe while studying in Prague and she has a lot of crazy stories to tell you about it :D

Of course, you can plan your trip individually, mix the ways of transportation, start few days earlier and spend some days somewhere else on your way to Lviv.
Be creative:)
New information about "How to get to Ukraine" from Poland, Italy and USA are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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